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why the "fix"

At The Fix, you can get your caffeine fix - and get your bike fixed.

We also believe biking can help fix things when life is hard.


why "cyclery"


Cyclery is a fancy word for bike repair shop. Sometimes we like to pretend we are fancy.


Our Story

When life gets hard, ride your bike. That’s one of the sayings that Jason Levecque, The Fix’s owner, lives by.


Jason has spent most of his life in Terrace with his wife Heather. They’ve both lived in many areas of Canada before settling in Northwest BC.


Jason describes his younger self as “someone who loved trees and punk rock.” He first discovered mountain biking when he was in high school on Vancouver Island.


“Biking is good for your mental health and your physical health, and it can give you the ultimate sense of freedom,” he says.


In his 20s and 30s, supporting others while sharing the benefits of active lifestyle, weaved its way into Jason’s career choices. First, he worked with troubled youth as part of an outdoor education program. Then he and Heather ran a group home in Nunavut for a few years. For the last decade, Jason taught metal work at Skeena Middle School in Terrace.


“I love being creative and working with my hands,” he says.


Jason is passionate about the people of Terrace, the community, and the outdoors lifestyle the area offers. He spends lots of his time skiing, biking or kayaking – often with his dog Rollie at his side. He’s also a Terrace Search and Rescue volunteer.


Jason got the idea of combining several passions of his – coffee, cooking for others and his love of cycling. And The Fix Café and Cyclery was born. 


“Everyone knows good food and good coffee can be some of the biggest comforts in life. Biking can also be such a positive and enjoyable experience,” Jason says. “I want that feeling to be accessible to everyone.”


We’ve intentionally designed our space to be comfortable and welcoming – a reprieve from your workday or a place to rest after a long ride. Somewhere that you are not intimidated to relax and if you want, to ask ALL the bike questions.


With help from many friends and family, Jason spent almost three months in late 2021 and early 2022, working day and night, building the space. Lots of unique furnishings are custom-built and use upcycled materials from the area. Many also have sentimental value and local, cultural and/or historical significance.

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