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Single Shot Tune

Make sure your bike is ready for its next big ride. A basic tune and inspection to keep you rolling through the season.

  • Safety Check

  • Adjust Brakes

  • Adjust shifting

  • Measure brake rotors

  • Inspect brake pads

  • Measure drivetrain wear

  • Spoke tension checked

  • Pump tires

  • Lube chain

  • Test ride

Double Shot Tune

A thorough tune package. Recommended at the start of the season, before a big bike trip to avoid any surprises on the trail.

*Single Shot Tune Plus...
  • Replace shift cable and housing

  • Service headset

  • Service bottom bracket

  • Bolts torqued

  • Seat post lubricated

  • Dropper adjusted

  • Tire sealant checked

  • Bike cleaned and polished

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Single Shot
Double Shot

Triple Shot Tune

A spa day for your bike, all systems serviced, including suspension, brakes and bearings. This is a complete teardown and rebuild of your bike. Recommended every 100+ hours.

*Double Shot Tune Plus...

  • Brakes bled

  • Fork lower service

  • Rear shock service

  • Hub bearings inspected

  • Wheels trued in stand

  • Drivetrain ultrasonic clean

Tripe Shot Tune
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