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biking can be therapeutic

 It can clear your mind and calm your body. But not if your gears are skipping or your brakes are squealing. Then your ride becomes pretty darn frustrating.


We want your ride to be seamless. For that to happen, you need a well-tuned, well-maintained bike.


Book a bike time! 

This guarantees service.



Make sure your bike is ready for its next big ride. A basic tune and inspection to keep you rolling through the season.


double shot tune

A thorough tune package. Recommended at the start of the season, or before a big bike trip to avoid any surprises on the trail.



A spa day for your bike, all systems serviced, including suspension, brakes and bearings. This is a complete teardown and rebuild of your bike. Recommended every 100+ hours.



Brake Bleed


Dropper Service

(Reverb $90)


Suspension maintenance

front fork or rear shock


Wheel True


STans sealant Top up


Bearing Service

(Headset,Bottom Bracket or hub)


*parts not included*

Linkage Service

(Your swingarm gets disassembled, cleaned bearings cleaned, repacked, or replaced, and reassembled) $125.00

*parts not included*

Ultrasonic Drivetrain clean 



* Please contact me if the bike needs any replacement parts*

Qualified & friendly

Bike technicians at the Fix are highly skilled and professionally-trained. We can work on all types of bikes - mountain, road, electric – even your toddler’s tricycle. In addition to the usual tune-ups and repairs, our technicians are also capable of complicated overhauls and repairs on suspensions and forks.


Watch and learn

We know that all the new fancy bikes and technical lingo can be intimidating. We’re here to walk you through it, and encourage you to get on the trails regardless of your skill level. Our repair area is purposely open so you can watch how we take care of your two-wheeled friend. Ask questions. We’re happy to explain what we’re doing. 

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